It's simple to let your customers schedule pickup with our appointments widget.

Here's how it works

  1. Install the appointments widget:

2. If you want to add a no-contact delivery or curbside pickup option use the "customize" link from the widget install card (above) and choose your preference:

When selected, they will be presented below your add to cart button on the product and cart pages:

To test the scheduling aspect you can do it via the actual post checkout widget or via the testing card on the appointments page when logged into the app.

Here we're showing how it would look on a Shopify post checkout page:

And here on the BigCommerce post checkout page:

Appointment Rules

By default your "availability" is M-F 9-5. You can modify to your needs by simply creating a rule from the appointments dashboard.


Enable the pickup in store setting to allow your customers to avoid incurring a shipping costs when checking out.

On the checkout page the customer will see this:

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