The banner widget makes it simple for your new and existing customers to check in on your active Messenger promotion. You can also use it to make an announcement.

Here's how you set it up to send an active promotion via Facebook Messenger.

From the store plugins page find the banner widget installation card. Click on the "Create promo" link.

After clicking the link you'll be directed to the promos page.

Use the "Create promo" button to setup your first Messenger promotion. When "Send with opt-in" is checked your promotion becomes active.

Here's how it will look in Messenger:

Additionally, you can customize the banner by using the "Customize" link from the widget installation card referenced above. Use the widget configuration page to override your active promotion's title by using a more specific call to action. You can also change the colors to match your theme, or hide the Messenger button entirely to use the widget as a simple announcement bar that can be used as a link.


Q. Why does the widget look the same after I've updated it?

A. Try clearing your browser cache and then refreshing your browser.

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