Turn your Facebook Page into the marketing funnel it was meant to be

Convert your passive Facebook Page audience into paying customers by consistently showcasing your product catalog. Schedule recurring Facebook Page posts for best sellers, new items, etc. or one-time posts for promotional offers. You'll never need to worry about your Page becoming stale for lack of content.

How it works:

Click the "Schedule Posting" button to begin scheduling the post.

Pick a day and time and click the "Schedule post" button. Your selected day and time will show inside the publishing schedule card. You can add more than one day and time for the same post.

You're done

Click the "View all posts" to see all your queued posts. You can edit posts, their posting schedule, and turn on automated responses from this page.

Looking to build a customer list for retargeting via Facebook?

 When someone comments on a post, the app can privately message the person. This is great if you want to offer incentives for people who actively engage with the content you generate.

To set this up, click the "Customize response" button as shown above. From the automated response page you can add the private reply text and turn the response on and off. If you turn it off, you can turn it on again by using the update button (you don't need to change the message text).


What is a promotable post?

If you check "Promotable" box the post will remain unpublished and available to use with Facebook Ads Manager.


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